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Shropshire Councils All in Programme

The All In programme is delivered by providers commissioned by the Local Authority to provide a range of activities to children and young people with a disability up to their 18th birthday.

We believe there are still many children in mainstream school settings that are not aware of All In or not taking the opportunity to participate in these worthwhile and varied opportunities. Any help you can give by passing this on to families or other professionals who may be interested would be very much appreciated.

More information about All In can be found on our website 

Families and professionals can keep up to date with information such as the All In programme and many other Council services through a simple subscription form

Please find the information leaflet below:

All In newsletter Spring 2019 >


The Albrighton Trust Moat and Gardens

The Albrighton Trust have a Spring Fayre on the 6th April and several events happening over the Easter holidays, please find the information below.

Holiday Activities >

Spring Fayre >


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