Severndale have proudly been awarded a Horticultural Achievement Award at this year’s Shrewsbury Flower Show. The Certificate of Commendation was presented by the judges who said, “All the judges agreed, that the garden deserved the auspicious award because they liked the fact that everyone, throughout the school, had been included in its creation from beginning to end.”

Visitors to the flower show were especially impressed with the living wall and its plant pots made out of recycled tin cans and filled with flowers grown by the students.

The theme and concept of the garden was “Times gone by” we decided to show two sides of a house, by portraying a house set in the war and a modern house and the changes . This was surrounded by a timeline picket fence identifying twenty events between 1942 – 2018. Our garden was called “The Victory Garden”.

An academy wide competition was held for each pupil to draw a scarecrow to go in the long ago garden. The successful student had their scarecrow made and displayed in the garden. Students grew plants from seeds and nurtured them into amazing blooms for the day.

The whole garden was not only made possible by the students of Severndale but by the kind sponsorship and support of Paveaways who donated time, money and resources to ensure the garden was created and constructed in time for the show.