Normally the upper group go to Morrisons for a visit every week. This week they decided to try and go to the Spar and walk there instead. The shop is also local to the school and useful for the people who live area.

The shop was easier to walk around and to spot things, because it was smaller and the students felt safer in that environment. I asked them what they thought the difference was to Morrisons, they said the Spar has less choice of items, they did not sell guinea pig food in the shop and there was no café where they could sit and drink or eat.

The students liked the biscuits but they realised that they were very unhealthy and also know that fruit and vegetables are good for you. The pupils liked all the different types of music on sale and the looked at the bbq items which are very popular at the moment due to the weather being so hot.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and it was a good experience for them to go somewhere different for their visit.

As my first news post article I have enjoyed the journalism aspect, taking all the photographs and talking to the students and staff to find out what I needed to know for the article.

By Reece Gillam (work experience, journalist)