At Severndale Academy, all pupils follow a curriculum which includes access to the appropriate parts of all Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum subjects, decided on an individual basis.
The information on this page will give you an insight into Severndale, and the learning pathways followed by our pupils throughout their school career.

If you would like any further information, please contact your child’s class teacher if you are a parent/carer, or our Department Leads or coordinators:

Formal Curriculum (SLD/MLD) Laurence Riley
Semi-Formal Curriculum (CLDD/SLD) Gareth Smith
Pre Formal Curriculum (PMLD/CLDD) Jessica Mabbott

EYFS  Daniel Ryng
Sixth Form Richard Healey
Futures Sarah Carline

Accreditation Opportunities at Severndale Specialist Academy

At Severndale students have the opportunity to work towards various accreditation and qualifications where appropriate and decided on an individual basis.

Students in Upper and Sixth Form are supported to work towards various pre-entry awards, Entry Levels, BTEC accreditation and GCSE’s.  There are accreditation or awards for students who have Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties right through to our students with Moderate Learning Difficulties.

Curriculum Intent

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Curriculum Overview

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Project Themes

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Pupil  Progress

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