"When our little boy was offered a space a Sensory Interactive club we couldn’t’ of been happier. We knew how much stimulation and enjoyment he would get from it. The school facilities are excellent, the clubs are managed by the caring Severndale staff and our son’s time at this club was very beneficial as we don’t have the same resources at home."

Parent/Carer comments

"Our child benefits from sports as it is good exercise."

Parent/Carer comments

"My child attended cookery club and absolutely loved it. It was great to see them bring home something they were proud of. They also enjoyed looking at the recipe sheets at home. It has inspired me to do more baking at home with them."

Parent/Carer comments

"Its fantastic that the school is able to provide these opportunities for the children to extend their extracurricular activities and to meet children outside of their class groups."

Parent/Carer comments

"Our child was always excited to be going to school on a Thursday because he would have Rebound Club that day, he looked forward to it all week!"

Parent/Carer comments

"He has developed hand eye coordination and benefitted from taking part in a team sport, when he needs to interact with his peers."

Parent/Carer comments

"Our child has looked forward to attending the clubs which has helped with their confidence, social skills and independence."

Parent/Carer comments

Due to the varying needs of our students at Severndale it may not always be possible for them to attend out of school activities such as youth clubs, scouting and guiding and other sports clubs. At Severndale, we offer an after afterschool clubs provision for the students to attend in an environment where they feel safe and comfortable with familiar surroundings and with staff who understand them.

The afterschool clubs at Severndale promote social and interaction skills, giving the opportunities for students to mix with peers in a more informal setting than during the school day. Students are able to meet peers from different class groups and different abilities and they get to know the different adults who run the clubs.

If you need to contact Severndale regarding a student taking part in an extended school club out of school hours (after 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm) then please call the Extended Schools coordinator on 07525 123529 or the administration team on 01743 563282.  Alternatively please email the Department Leads.

Extended Schools Club Overview

Golf Club

Golf club is a social club where students can practise their golfing skills on both the driving range and the course.  The club runs throughout the year, during the winter the students use the driving range.  In the spring and summer moths students can access the facilities at Shrewsbury Golf Club. Each year the golf club students take part in our annual Charity Golf Day.


Multisports offers students the chance to experience and take part in a range of team sports and games with peers from throughout their department.  Sports played include football, basketball and cricket and all activities encourage the students to exercise and participate in a positive and fun environment.


Cookery club encourages students to develop their life skills and to learn about healthy eating.  The students cook / bake healthy food that can be taken home with them that evening.


Rebound is a therapy which uses a trampoline.  Rebound can be used to encourage communication, relaxation, balance and co-ordination in an enjoyable and happy environment.  Students use the trampoline supported by rebound trained staff.

Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing club gives students the opportunity to socialise with peers in a relaxed environment. They will be able to make drinks and there will be planned social skills games which students will have the opportunity to take part in.  Students will have free-time to choose from a variety of activities including Xbox, outdoor table tennis and use of our outdoor gym equipment.

Sensory Interactive Club

Sensory Interactive Club uses our onsite interactive room facilities.  It is an opportunity for students to experience relaxation whilst observing and responding to various light patterns and changes when using the sensory surface.  Sensory surface is an interactive computer surface which responds to students’ movements to create a change in light, animation or sound.  Students will also have the opportunity to spend time with the bubble tubes, fibre optics and Opti Music – a programme which creates sounds when light beams are broken.


Film club gives students the opportunity to join their peers from throughout their department to watch an age appropriate film. Popcorn and squash is provided and we use the projector screen in our drama studio for a full cinematic experience.


Swim club offers students the opportunity for exercise and relaxation in our on site hydrotherapy pool.  The club is ran by trained aqua-therapy staff and is accessible to all abilities.


Pamper club offers the opportunity to develop social skills and life skills in a relaxed environment.  Students are able to use foot spas, have hand and foot massages, and can have their hair brushed and styled, or their nails painted.  The club promotes relaxation and a positive way to unwind after a busy day in school.

Performing Arts Club

Performing Arts Club offers opportunities for the students to enjoy singing, performing, dancing, and acting and to develop their teamwork skills. At the end of the term, parents / carers are invited in to watch a short performance

Fitness Club

Fitness club provides opportunities for the students to make choices of the activity they would like to take part in, promoting fitness, health and wellbeing and social skills.

Football Club

Football provides opportunities for the students to develop their social skills, turn taking and teamwork. This session is led by qualified FA coaches.

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