The sensory inclusion hub is an area of the school building which is specially adapted for our students with profound and multiple learning needs from Lower through to Sixth Form. Classrooms have a focus based at different height levels for when students are accessing the floor, messy play or when they are in their standing frames.

Throughout the Sensory Inclusion Hub we follow a sensory learning pathway that caters to the needs of the individual students. Within the Hub we focus on a variety of skills throughout our lessons including; communication, cause and effect, physical development and visual skills. Young people within the hub have access to warm swim sessions and rebound therapy as part of their curriculum.

There are a variety of learning spaces within the Hub that students have access to including an outside space with specialist flooring for students to access the floor, a specialist interactive room, soft play and rooms dedicated to visual work and eye gaze.

Young people within the sensory inclusion hub are also part of their departmental peer group and access assemblies and inclusion opportunities with other young people from their department as well as external schools who come to take part in a variety of projects and themed days throughout the year. The young people also take part in inclusion sessions across key stages within the hub.