Students from Severndale Specialist Academy attended the Shropshire Cricket Board Awards ceremony to be honoured by being given the Team of the Year Award.

The students have had a triumphant year competing in the table cricket championships and won both the county and regional heats and came seventh in the finals at Lord’s Cricket Ground in June. They enjoyed their evening at the awards, saying “I really liked the Awards event, I enjoyed seeing lots of different people winning their awards, it was a good experience and nice occasion. I also liked how other people were recognised who had disability’s and won awards in their specific fields for outstanding achievements.”

It has been an amazing year seeing the students grow with confidence with each competition. The team captain, said “I felt so proud to represent the school, because it was a great occasion, and being the captain I think it’s a great experience for everyone involved. It does add some more pressure but the whole team feels it to and we get over it together.”

As for the future, one of the students commented “Well we would like to win a National trophy as this is the only one missing from our trophy cabinet, but if we don’t win we will push ourselves further and harder in the future.” Another said “We need to practice lots more, find and play the right shots, it’s not about always winning trophies, even though we like winning trophies, it’s about making and finding new experiences for everyone in the team.”