We have put some information together for you to use whilst your children / young people are at home.

Summer Help Sheet >

Parenting Team Service Update

The Parenting Team will continue our service of telephone consultations. Parents and carers simply need to call our office on 01743 250950 or email [email protected] to arrange a consultation at a time convenient to them.

Taking the current situation into account our team can support parents and carers with:

  • managing difficult questions and worries from children due to the current situation
  • managing challenging behaviour which might be a result of the changes to their everyday lives
  • suggestions on activities with children


Art Award Information >


This website covers ASD so is beneficial for all departments. The website may support you and your child with daily structure ideas and activities to help anyone with ASD during the Covid-19 situation.

ASD Information Resources >

Supporting Children with Learning Disability/ASD Coping with COVID-19 Isolation >

Autism and learning disabilities clinical information during Coronavirus outbreak >

Books, Audio and Ebooks 

World Book Online have just made their amazing collection of over 3,000 ebooks and audiobooks available for free for children to access at home. They have books suitable for all ages.

Click here for Ebooks and Audio Books >

Click here for a vast range of online books from Renaissance >

The Bear Can Read is a service delivering bespoke bundles of levelled readers and phonics activities personalised for each child’s age and stage, along with expert advice for parents delivered right to their front door. Each bundle is designed to motivate children and give parents everything they need to help their child practise reading at home – including the phonics books used in school (all from leading educational publishers on the DfE list of validated phonics programmes). The Bear Can Read balances fun and focus to support families.

You can find out more about our service at www.thebearcanread.com


Activities for CLDD students >

Austim Education Trust resources >

What can I make >

Free CLDD resources >

Sensory break ideas >



Coronavirus vocabulary 1 >

Coronavirus vocabulary 2 >

How not to catch or spread coronavirus >



New, free, accessible dance classes to keep disabled children moving during lockdown!
Linked to the national curriculum for added learning. Makaton signed and with adaptations throughout, classes include ways parents/carers/teachers can support children with limited mobility and translate different movements. Getting disabled kids dancing during lockdown! Free, accessible #activelearning from @flamingochicks at www.flamingochicks.org/athome #balletnotbarriers

Flamingo Chicks >

Other Dance ideas

Space Dance >

Cinderella chemistry potions >

Relaxation >






EYFS Song sheet grid >

EYFS Messy Play >

EYFS Visual Supports >

Food Tech: 

The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) is a registered charity and aims to provide evidence based information on food and nutrition. This includes ‘Food a Fact of Life (FFL)’ section which provides a wide range of training, support and resources for schools. During the current Pandemic BNF have adapted and created new resources on FFL and launched a home learning hub. This will run until September 2020 and provide daily activities to include finding out, exploring, being active, worksheets. quizzes, creative work and cooking. The activities link with other curriculum subjects including science, maths and English.
To access the FFL Classroom please visit:

Food a Fact of Life >



All different resources, lots of videos and activities to explore:

twinkl Finally, for access to thousands of worksheets as well as interactive games then create a twinkl account for parents and use the code ‘UKTwinklhelps’ to access everything on this site.  https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resources/parents


For more of a challenge you can listen to and access all the lessons from Khan Academy


The Blippi Youtube channel is a great place for lots of learning. Blippi explores and shares a huge range of experiences and links it all to real life and educational life. Its bright, colourful and fun!

Click here for Blippi >

The following resources have been collated from a wide range of sources from the NW SEND network to provide information for anyone to use as they feel would be helpful. They include information relevant to children across the early years and school age range including those with special educational needs and disabilities

NW SEND Useful links and ideas to help families over Easter >

Coronavirus A Story for students > 


Google Hangout Meet Information

Guidance if you would like to arrange an online meeting please use the information below:

Google Hangout >


Explore BBC Guardians of Mathematica:


Lots of ideas to explore Maths in context:


You can log into the below link if your child already has an account




Worksheets for MLD students >

Hamilton Trust link to home learning packs > 

Scholastic have also made all of their learning resources free online >

TED talk has some good animated lessons here>

Football Dice Game >

Online safety at home information > 


Natural History Museum >

Musical Resources

Helpkidzlearn has a variety of games, songs and cause and effect interactive activities suitable for children who enjoy musical feedback, and those working on counting to 5.

Helpkidzlearn resources > 



Ideas to keep PMLD students busy>



If you have any Safeguarding issues whilst your child is or isn’t in school please contact one of our DSL’s on the below link

Safeguarding Leads >



KS3 Mini Projects >



Join Singing Hands half an hour of fun Makaton signed nursery rhymes and action songs. The songs in this session will be a mixture of fun rhymes & action songs with a few pop songs for older children too! Happy signing! This is £2.50 per session see the link below

Singing Hands >



SLD Resources >

SLD Activity timetable for home >

SLD Resources from scholastic >

Online safety at home information > 

SLD Handwriting sheet >

SLD Numicon addition to 10 >

SLD Garden fun >


Sixth Form

A-Z of Jobs >

Doctors Appointment >

Ideas to keep Sixth Former’s busy >

Jobs Different types of job >

Jobs memory game >

Jobs questions about you >

Jobs quiz >

Jobs True or False Adverts >

Jobs Word bank 1 >

Jobs Word bank 2 >

Kitchen / Bedroom Activity >

Personal Hygiene >

Working Quiz >



MATP Striking >

MATP Mobility Focus >

MATP Kicking Focus >

School Games National Challenge >

Stride Active a huge range of PE ideas to choose from >


Breakfast (cereal) >

Breakfast (fruit) >

Breakfast (toast with egg) >

Breakfast (toast with jam) >

Breakfast blank for you to choose >

Communication board (with symbols) >

Communication board (words) >

Outdoor learning journey stick >

Outdoor learning butterfly hunters >

Spring nature spotter >



P9 Symbolised Timetables and Associated Websites >

Timetables symbols 1 >

Timetables symbols 2 >

Timetables symbols 3 >

Timetables symbols 4 >


Check out Severndale’s YouTube here >

YouTube talking Jenga information >

YouTube action Jenga information >