Our new 2021 uniform was developed as a Schools Council project to raise aspirations for our pupils.  It is accepted that not all pupils will be able to wear all of the suggestions for school uniform, so we understand that adaptions may be required that work for the individual needs of your child/ young person. There is no mandatory expectation for our students to wear the uniform outlined on this page. Our uniform does not require to be branded with the school logo.  We understand that the transition over the to new uniform may take time and this can overlap into 2021-2022.

We fully understand that some of our students will feel happier wearing comfortable clothing such as jogging bottoms and sweatshirts or an adapted version of the uniform. The uniform outlined on this page is purely for guidance and aspirational purposes.

EYFS (ages 2-4 years)

There is no mandatory Expectation for EYFS children to wear uniform, but they are welcome to if they would like.

Reception to year 6

• Red sweatshirt or red cardigan
• Plain white polo shirt or shirt
• Grey or black trousers or skirt
• PE Kit, pale blue polo shirt or T-shirt and black or navy shorts and pumps / trainers

Year 7 to year 11

• Black blazer (or as an alternative a black jumper can be worn)
• Black Jumper
• White shirt
• Black and red striped tie is optional (a clip or velcro tie if preferred is available from The School Shop Direct)
• Grey or black trousers or skirt
• PE Kit, pale blue polo shirt or T-shirt and black or navy shorts and pumps / trainers


Severndale @ Mary Webb


Black trousers, skirt or White shirt/ poloshirt Maroon Sweatshirt *Yr 11 Black Sweatshirt *Black school shoes 


Black trousers White shirt/ poloshirt Maroon Sweatshirt *Yr 11 Black Sweatshirt *Black school shoes 


Plain Navy Sweatshirt Blue poloshirt *Navy shorts / joggers White or black trainers Rugby shirts are available for the winter 







Sixth Form / Futures Students

Students are encouraged to choose smart-casual clothes to wear in Sixth Form, particularly when out and about in the community. At this stage there is a real emphasis on developing independent living skills and therefore there is a focus on consolidating processes of decision making and understanding personal hygiene, appropriate to individual needs.

Items marked with * have the Academy logo embroidered and can be purchased from School Shop Direct.

The school shop will also be stocking the following optional items:

Waterproof Coat
Fleecy Jacket
Book bags

Uniform Suppliers

We are working with The School Shop Direct to supply our new school uniform, however items are available from high street stores such as Marks and Spencer. Link below:

School Shop Direct

Telephone Number: 01743 440449

Website: www.schoolshopdirect.co.uk

Marks and Spencer


Suggested options to support the transition to the new school uniform

Marks and Spencer: Easy dressing range:


Pull up trousers with sizes ranging up to age 16. The label has been moved to the pocket. They have stain & weatherproof technology and are crease resistant. Specially designed for children with sensory issues or those who just need a little extra help when dressing. They do not have fiddly zips I buttons or itchy internal labels to make dressing easier. They also do a girls version, plus fit, and shorts.


Long rise to give more room to move whilst wearing nappies and an inside leg opening for easy changing. A hidden care label in these’ joggers keeps them comfortable, tucking neatly away from skin.

Easy Close fastening uses rip tape to ensure getting dressed is quick and easy, while stretch cuffs and printed and hidden care labels ensure comfort and prevent irritation. Fabric is non-iron and stain resistant


These easy dressing shirts come with handy additions like hidden rip tape behind buttons and stretch cuffs for easier dressing and undressing.  Easy to iron fabric means it only takes a quick press for a crisp finish.



Suitable for children up to age 16, this skirt with pull up detail also includes added stretch and a soft brushed inside waistband to make it even more comfortable when sitting and playing.
It includes stain and weatherproof technology and a crease resistant material.

Other useful supplier websites:

https://www.sturdykids.co.uk (Plus-size clothing)
http: //www.disabled-clothing.co.uk (Velcro shoes/ reusable incontinence pants)
https://www.sensorysmart.co.uk/seamless socks/underwear autism friendly school clothes https: //www.clarks.co.uk autism friendly shoes
https: //uk.hickies.eu/ self-tying shoe laces
https://www.greeper.com/ self-tying shoe laces
https://www.essentialaids.com/dressing/shoes-laces/coilers-shoelaces.html self-tying shoes laces
https://www.dressability.org.uk/ will adapt all clothing