Sixth Form

Diversity Information

 Within Sixth form we support a wide range of students with diverse needs.

The journey for the student through the department

Sixth form at Severndale is an exciting place to be for our post 16 students. Students continue to learn in diversity groups but our curriculum looks very different to the curriculum a young person will have accessed lower down the school as our young people are preparing for adulthood and the next stage in their life.

Our curriculum

 The sixth form department delivers a broad and balanced curriculum which provides our students with dynamic and individualised learning experiences across different contexts. Within the curriculum we are able to take a personalised approach for each student focusing on developing individual students’ specific needs.

  Curriculum offer and focus

Within this pathway our focus is to support individual pupils’ development holistically.

In sixth form we focus on the following:

  • Enterprise – delivering functional English and Maths
  • PSHE
  • First aid
  • Food technology
  • Employability
  • John Muir
  • Indoor and Outdoor pathway
  • Citizenship
  • Personal Development including SRE.


All students work towards achieving an ASDAN Personal Progress qualifications. The qualifications ensure that all learners are given the same opportunities to access appropriate and relevant education to develop new skills and improve their life outcomes.

This is a nationally accredited award which offers a learner centred activity-based curriculum.

The intended outcome

For students to become confident communicators who effectively self-advocate to shape their own lives by being able to think and problem solve as independently as they possibly can.  As young people, our students will gain group or individual voluntary sector work within their local communities. These young people will be able to make choices about their day-to-day lives and enjoy a social network. Young people will work towards supported living in the long term.