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Child Minding Services

Sue Wigley, details are as follows:

Parenting Team Service Update

The Parenting Team will continue our service of telephone consultations. Parents and carers simply need to call our office on 01743 250950 or email parenting.team@shropshire.gov.uk to arrange a consultation at a time convenient to them.

Taking the current situation into account our team can support parents and carers with:

  • managing difficult questions and worries from children due to the current situation
  • managing challenging behaviour which might be a result of the changes to their everyday lives
  • suggestions on activities with children

Severndale Information

Please find our Positively Managing Behaviour policy below:

Positively Managing Behaviour Policy >

Ministerial Letter from the Joint DHSC & DFE 30 April 2020 >

EHCP Guidance Changes for Settings 4 May 2020 >

The Local SEND Offer

Please see the link below to Shropshire’s local SEND offer

The SEND Local Offer

Things to do!

Parenting Team Group

Find below the Spring Term delivery schedule for the Parenting Team groups and clinics. Please note we have added two new locations to our clinic delivery: Broseley and Cosford

We are also trialling a ‘Sleep Tight’ workshop

This 5 week workshop aims to support parents and carers to make positive changes to their child’s sleep patterns. Life can be difficult when children have sleep issues. Our aim is to support families to get a better night’s sleep by using a behavioural approach to sleep and work in partnership with families, as we know that they are the expert on their children.

Workshops provide parents and carers with the opportunity to meet other families in similar situations and to gain tips on how to support a better night’s sleep for them and their child.

Up to date information can also be found on the Family Information Service Directory.

Parenting Team Group information for Spring Term 2020 >


Parenting Team Clinic for Spring Term 2020 >


Shropshire Community Health Trust

Shropshire Community Health Trust Children’s Occupational Therapy                https://www.shropscommunityhealth.nhs.uk/rte.asp?id=10110

Shropshire Community Health Trust Children’s Physiotherapy                  https://www.shropscommunityhealth.nhs.uk/childrens-physio

Shropshire Community Health Trust Children’s Speech and Language Therapy                https://www.shropscommunityhealth.nhs.uk/childrenspeechlanguagetherapy



The Albrighton Trust Moat and Gardens

The Albrighton Trust have a several events happening over the year, please find the information below.

The Albrighton Trust >


Cavalier Centre

Horse riding for the disabled. Please see their newsletter below:

Cavalier Centre Newsletter 2020 >


Did you know that every Morrisons in the country have a quiet hour on a Saturday morning from 9:00am to 10:00am, where they have no music, no lights on, no tannoy announcements.