This week one of our upper primary classes topics has been the weather.  One task was to write a poem, please see their amazing work below, it has made us all smile and we wanted to share the happiness around! At this point we are issuing a mascara warning, enjoy and a huge well done and thank you to the class involved.

Leon’s Poem

Leon’s poem came from looking at a photo of a holiday he had with his family.

The weather is Sunny
We are at the Beach
I swim in the Sea, build Sand Castles
And throw my frisbee
The Sun feels hot
But the Sea feels cold
I have to wear sunscreen
But I get to eat Icecream

Listen to Leon’s sound bite of his own poem below

The photos that inspired Leon’s poem.



Henry’s Acrostic Weather Poem

Click here for Henry’s poem >

Freddie’s Poem


Stephen’s Weather Poem

Click here for Stephen’s poem >

Liam’s Poem

Click here to see Liam reading his poem >

Molly’s Poem