Verity Nettleton : Trustee

Verity Nettleton


Verity is passionate about helping children and their families to maximise their key life skills to help them get the most out of their lives. As a Severndale parent she appreciates the challenges that parents face and would like to bring this perspective, among others, to the work of the Board of Trustees. She also appreciates the importance of governance in the role of being a Trustee.

She has been involved in local business for many years in areas including finance, Human Resources and marketing. She is in full support of the Academy’s mission around inclusion at every age, stage of development, and level of ability and feels she will make a valuable contribution to achieving this.

Lyn Hough : Member

Lyn Hough


Lyn spent her working life teaching in Liverpool and Telford. As well as teaching food technology she was a Head of Year and a staff governor. She has been involved with the governance of Severndale for over 20 years and was an original signatory when the school became a single Academy Trust.

Sarah Russell : Trustee

Sarah Russell


Sarah is the Teacher Trustee for the Academy. She started working at the original school, Katherine Elliot, in 1990 and has seen many positive changes since that time.

She has taught children in Nursery, Reception, Lower Primary, Upper Primary and the Secondary Phases in Severndale as well as supporting schools across the county as a Severndale Outreach teacher. She has thus had the experience of watching pupils grow and develop in their journey through the Academy, from transition to a mainstream setting at Mary Webb in Pontesbury, and the Sixth form, Futures, at Shrewsbury College. Sarah has also enjoyed meeting ex-students as young adults living in the local community.

Ann Jones : Trustee and Chair of Standards and Curriculum Committee

Ann Jones

Trustee and Chair of Standards and Curriculum Committee

Ann uses her skills and knowledge as a Secondary School Teacher to serve as a Trustee. The specialisms in her Post-graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) were Languages and Special Needs.

She has served as a Teacher Governor in a school in Surrey and has completed the Induction Training for New Governors. She is Chair of the Standards and Curriculum Committee as well as a member of the Finance, Audit and Personnel Committee and the Salaries Committee.

In her spare time Ann enjoys horse riding and is involved in the Rea Valley Riding for the Disabled group, leading disabled riders in weekly sessions to develop their confidence and co ordination. She also enjoys cycling, travelling and using her language skills.

John Hitchings : Vice Chair

John Hitchings

Vice Chair

I have served as a school governor in the Primary sector for over 30 years. During that time, I have acted as Vice Chair and Chair of Finance and served on all the sub committees. I was heavily involved in two major amalgamations. I helped found and currently chair the Shropshire School Governors Council. My interest in Severndale has developed over a period as a result of my involvement with Schools Forum, of which I am Vice Chair.

I worked until my retirement as a Scientist and then Manager within the Water Supply function of Severn Trent Water. I then served as a member of the Lay Judiciary on Employment Tribunals for 12 years. During my working life, I was also involved in Trade Union activities with Unison at local, regional and national levels.

My current major hobby is the complete renovation of a country cottage. My wife is a retired Primary Teacher, two of my daughters are Secondary Teachers and my third daughter is a Police Officer.

Louise Burns : Trustee and Chair of Finance, Audit and Personnel Committee and Chair of Salaries Committee

Louise Burns

Trustee and Chair of Finance, Audit and Personnel Committee and Chair of Salaries Committee

Louise is part of the leadership team in a large international company where she heads up strategic communications and focuses on social and environmental projects as well as mentoring young talent. As a parent of four children, Louise has carried out various community roles and built an understanding of how the education system operates and the challenges facing schools. She is particularly interested in building stronger ties with businesses for jobs for our students in the future.

Jackie Roberts : Governor

Jackie Roberts


I have been a School Governor for 2 local schools, a Secondary School as a Parent Governor and at a Primary school. I enjoyed my time at both and felt I needed to move on, as my children have grown up, my challenges have changed too. I have been working in Severndale for 6 years and have seen some changes especially over the last year and very good changes too. I feel there is more that I could do and support within the schools development, and changes. I am a friendly, honest person.

I believe that all our children should feel valued and have an education.  I am always keen to learn anything new, and attend all training available. In Education, things are changing all the time and you are never too old to learn something new.  Severndale is an excellent school and I believe it has a bright future for all children within the county.

Lyn Hough : Chair of Trustees

Lyn Hough

Chair of Trustees

Lyn has been a parent governor at Severndale and then in 2014 an Academy Member and Trustee. She retired from teaching in 2015 which enabled her to give more time to her role as Chair of Trustees.

Lyn has served on all the main committees which has given her an insight into the way Severndale Academy works. Her professional knowledge of teaching and learning has also enhanced her ability to carry out the role of Trustee in an effective manner.

Lyn has completed up to date training on PREVENT, Looked After Children and Safeguarding. She is the Academy’s nominated Trustee for Safeguarding.

In her spare time, Lyn enjoys reading, cooking and she is a season ticket holder at Shrewsbury Town Football Club.

Carla Howarth : Member

Carla Howarth


Carla was delighted to be asked to join the Severndale Board as a Member as she has long since admired the school which she believes is a credit to the children it serves and the County of Shropshire within which it operates.

She has been involved in school governance since 2014 and very much enjoyed the interaction, contribution and insight, which the role involves. Coming from a legal background and currently being involved in professional training at various levels, in the compliance and financial crime fields, she hopes that her experience can bring a different dimension to the governance of Severndale.

The Role of the Members

The Members of the Trust are guardians of the Trust and as such have a different role from the Trustees. The Members appoint Trustees to ensure that the Trust’s charitable object is carried out, and have the authority to remove Trustees if they fail to fulfil this responsibility.  Members are also responsible for approving any amendments made to the Trust’s Articles of Association.

Members’ Names Date of appointment Appointed by
Linda Hough 1st Jan. 2014 Trust
Carla Howarth 25th Nov. 2019 Academy members
Jeremy Lloyd 2nd May, 2018 Academy members

Board of Trustees

Our Role As Trustees, we work towards the vision and aims of the Academy. We work at a senior strategic level but it is the staff of the Academy that put the plans into practice. Trustees act in the best interest of the students and we work as a team not a collection of individuals or groups with separate agendas.

We have three main functions as Trustees

  • Making sure the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the Academy is clear. We work with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to set priorities and targets for the Academy. We offer constructive criticism and an independent view.
  • It is important that we monitor the Academy’s performance – we look at data and agree outcomes from self-evaluation and we make sure they are used in the Academy’s improvement plan. We ensure SLT have developed the required policies and procedures. We listen to and report to all the Academy’s stakeholders.
  • Our third priority is monitoring finance.  We make sure that resources are allocated in line with our priorities and that we achieve best value for money.

Our Board of Trustees get to know the Academy by visiting during the day, attending meetings and reading all the relevant papers beforehand. We have a Board of Trustees’ Code of Conduct which includes acting in strict confidence. The Trustees meet once a term for a full meeting of the Board and each main committee also meets at least once a term.

The main committees are: –

  • Finance, Audit and Personnel
  • Standards and Curriculum
  • Health, Safety and Safeguarding
Trustees’ Names Committee membership Date of
Terms of office Appointed by Business Interests
Louise Burns ·      Board of Trustees

·      Finance, Audit and Personnel – CHAIR

·      Salaries – CHAIR

·      Standards and Curriculum


1st Sept. 2017 4 years Trust  Nil
John Hitchings ·      Board of Trustees – VICE CHAIR

·      Health, Safety and Safeguarding – CHAIR

·      Finance, Audit and Personnel

·      Salaries


1st Nov. 2016 4 years Trust Governor at Oakmeadow Primary School
Lyn Hough ·       Board of Trustees – CHAIR

·       Finance, Audit and Personnel

·       Health, Safety and Safeguarding

·       Salaries

·       Standards and Curriculum


1st Jan. 2018 4 years Academy members Governor at Captain Webb Primary School
Ann Jones ·      Board of Trustees

·      Standards and Curriculum – CHAIR

·      Finance, Audit and Personnel

·      Salaries


1st Sept. 2016


4 years Trust Nil
Jacqui Jones ·       Board of Trustees

·       Health, Safety and Safeguarding


1st April 2017 4 years Trust
Karen Mitchell ·        Board of Trustees

·        Standards and Curriculum

12 Dec. 2019 4 years Trust
Verity Nettleton ·      Board of Trustees

·      Health, Safety and Safeguarding

·      Standards and Curriculum



13th Nov. 2019


4 years



Sarah Russell ·       Board of Trustees

·       Standards and Curriculum


1st April, 2019 4 years Trust Nil
Beverley Young ·         Board of Trustees

·         Health, Safety and Safeguarding


12th Dec, 2019 4 years





Accounting Officer

Sabrina Hobbs ·         Accounting Officer and Principal Nil

For more information on the Governance, please contact Kathy Turner, the Clerk to the Trustees, on 01743 563287 or at

Please see below statutory information regarding Governance.

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