12th -16th March 2018

‘Exploration and Discovery’

During this week are taking part in the national event British Science Week celebrating Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). The overall theme for this year is ‘Exploration and Discovery’ with each department across school exploring this topic. The activities and workshops will be led by class staff and will provide inclusive opportunities for the young people to work together with peers from within their department.

Each department will have a focus for their STEM focus day activities and workshops.

  • – Lower and EYFS ~ Exploration of reactions through cause and effect
  • – Middle ~ Exploration and discovery of Space
  • – Upper ~ Inventors and scientific discoveries
  • – Link and Mary Webb ~ Exploration of movement using Forces
  • – Sixth Form and Futures ~ Exploration and discovery of careers within engineering

This will be an exciting week of learning through problem solving and investigation. We look forward to sharing our learning experiences with you.